Referred Pains and Body Stress Release

My Feet Hurt

Often, new Body Stress Release clients come to me because they are suffering from symptoms that have come up recently, and that are bugging them there and then. It could be headaches, migraines, sciatic pains, pins and needles, jaw pains, difficulty with breathing, lower back pain, neck pain, etc.

The Body Stress Release client I had in front of me that day told me she was suffering from painful feet. They were "killing" her. The pain was all over the bottom of the soles of her feet, and made walking and standing quite a painful exercise. Could I help her get rid of that pain, was the question put to me.

As always, I ran a quick medical history. How's your back? Nah, my back is fine, was the reply.And so was everything else, it seemed. If not for the feet….. I kept asking. How was your back about 5 years ago? Well, that was a different story. she had had a car accident, and her back was hit hard. It took several months for her to "get over the pain", but "now it was okay".

Working on releasing the body stress in her lower back, I found the muscles in her back were virtually as hard as my desktop. After a number of Body Stress Release sessions, mainly focussing on the lower back, the pain in this client's feet disappeared, without me ever working on releasing tension in that area specifically.

There is a fairly straightforward explanation for this phenomenon. Once muscle tension starts to set in, either because of long-term poor posture or trauma, "shorts" in our main electrical wiring, our nervous system, will start appearing, and muscle tension (or "body stress") occurs. Generally the symptoms ("shorts" being pain and/or discomfort) will be localised -not always, there may be instant referred effects, like pins & needles in your fingers when your neck gets affected. If the trauma is in your lower back area, then generally that's where you will notice it.

If the tension doesn't lift off that area, it will settle in the "deeper" muscles, the small ones that surround your spine, creating more serious body stress. We cannot feel the tension in those muscles as much as we feel the tension in the bigger, more superficial muscle groups, so we may mistakingly believe all is right.The deeper body stress is still exerting its negative influence on our nervous system, and that HAS to translate somewhere at some point.

Because our nervous system is electrical in nature, we cannot always say where -as I always explain it- the light bulb will come on when the light switch is flicked. There are some general indicators, but that's about it.

In this client's case, the residual tension in her lower back (the switch) made her feet play up (the bulb). When I assisted her body in letting go of that specific body stress, the switch was flicked "off", and shortly after the pain in the feet disappeared.

Now obviously it is not always THAT simple, but very often it is. Where the pain shows up is not always the spot where the cause of it all resides. This is why a holistic (meaning, treating the body as one whole unit) approach to optimal health and bodily function is indicated.

This example shows the importance of regular Body Stress Release sessions. If tension and body stress can be nipped in the bud, the chances of referred aches and pains will decrease dramatically. On top of dealing with the problem spot itself, obviously.

Regular Body Stress Release sessions will ensure you live happy in a healthy body. That should be everyone's focus.

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