About Marc


Marc de Bruin has been a Body Stress Release Practitioner since November 2000. His journey with Body Stress Release started in 1998, still living in the Netherlands, when he became a client himself. Having seen the amazing results Body Stress Release had on a friend with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Marc thought Body Stress Release could be a good way to help him to "get rid" of his migraine headaches and to improve his energy levels and overall health.

Several Body Stress Release sessions later with the -then- only Body Stress Release practitioner in the Netherlands Koos van Ravensteijn, Marc's migraines were gone. His energy levels went up so dramatically that he felt he had "too much" energy for a while, and his overall health went from good to great. His lower back strenght and flexibility also made massive improvements because of the Body Stress Release session he received.

After a career-break, Marc ventured to South Africa to become a Body Stress Release Practitioner himself, and has been working with this gentle and amazing complementary healing technique ever since.

Marc strongly believes that prevention is better than cure. He encourages people to have themselves "checked" for Body Stress at least 3 to 4 times a year, so potential back problems, head and shoulder issues and other aches and pains can be nipped in the bud. Prevention is always more rewarding, and ultimately more affordable, than dealing with the symptoms from insufficient maintenance.

Anyone, from the young to the elderly, will benefit massively from having stored body stress released regularly by Body Stress Release sessions. It's all about living happily in a healthy body, Marc says.


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